Amazing 2011: The year of ONES (1s) ~ World Amazing Information, Facts & News

Hello Everybody,

I was just looking over the calendar in this 2011 new year and recognized below very important figures in dates. I thought to share this awesome figures with you all guys.

Today is : 1.1.11
Ten days from now will be : 11.1.11
Ten months from now will be : 1.11.11
& Ten days from then will be : 11.11.11

This is s phenomenon that will recur only after another Hundred Years, and none of us will be there to witness that. So let us get wise and work at the # 1 in this year of ONES.

This is to wish you all a very VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS TWENTY ELEVEN (2011).

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  1. Admin // July 28, 2011 9:54 PM  

    Nice Post