As you guys always remain good with me and this time also I would like to "Thank You ALL" for appreciating my last blog post which was related to mehandi designs. I am glad to publish few more images of latest bridal mehandi designs as requested by many of you guys. Please keep sharing your love and feedback with me at rahul.ryd (at the rate) gmail (dot) com (Please excuse me as I am mentioning my email in a bit wired way, its just to avoid spam).

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Toothpaste even though (in some form or another) has been around as long as the Ancient Greeks have, the formula (as we know it) did not become popular until World War I. As soon as companies began manufacturing toothpaste, people began to purchase the magical concoction - guaranteed to produce glistening teeth! White teeth were all the rage after World War I had ended, and toothpaste quickly became a product that most people simply couldn't live without.

Toothpaste is one item that nearly everyone uses today, but what makes this concoction so special? Whether you brush your teeth once per day or three times per day, chances are that you've never taken the time to read that ingredient list. Some believe that the ingredients contained in a standard package of toothpaste are essential - others believe that water may be just as effective. In the end, there's a good reason why most toothpaste packages warn: "Do Not Ingest!"

10. Formaldehyde
That same ingredient that coroners can't live without can be found inside of your toothpaste tube. Formaldehyde kills all of those small bacteria that climb onto your teeth after eating or sleeping. If a large amount of formaldehyde is accidentally ingested, the result could be fatal. Severe formaldehyde ingestion results in jaundice, kidney damage, liver damage, and death.

9. Detergent
Foam, suds, activation! What would toothpaste be without that satisfying soapy feeling? Manufacturers use regular detergent in order to appease the masses that prefer bubbly toothpaste. While bubbles may be fun, be careful if you accidentally ingest a large amount of this stuff - swallowing detergent can cause digestive tract burning.

8. Seaweed
Stretchy and slimy, seaweed holds that paste together. Without this green stuff, toothpaste would simply fall apart! The good news is that seaweed isn't toxic. Infact, seaweed has a number of nutritional benefits, though hitting the sushi bar is a better way of gaining those benefits.

7. Peppermint Oil
Minty, minty, minty! Fresh breath can only be kept fresh with the help of peppermint oil! While refreshing when brushing your teeth using toothpaste, peppermint oil can cause a slow pulse, heartburn, and muscle tremors if it is consumed.

6. Paraffin
As slick as the petroleum that it is derived from, paraffin creates a smooth paste that oozes onto your toothbrush using toothpaste. As you might imagine, paraffin wasn't meant to be eaten. If you happen to swallow this ingredient, you may end up with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe constipation.

5. Glycerin Glycol
Never heard of this ingredient before? Sure about that? Glycerin glycol is added to toothpaste in order to prevent the paste from becoming too dry – it's also found in antifreeze. Even though glycerin is not toxic, this additive may cause nausea if swallowed.

4. Chalk
That's right - chalk. Thanks to the fact that chalk is made from exoskeletons, it's hard enough to remove all of that caked on gunk from your pearly whites. Chalk dust may cause lung problems if inhaled via toothpaste, and swallowing a bit of chalk could cause bleeding.

3. Titanium Dioxide
This is another common toothpaste ingredient, though it's usually found in white paint. When added to toothpaste, titanium dioxide has the safe effect on your teeth as it does on walls - it keeps them nice and white (for a few hours, at least!). Ingesting titanium dioxide won't hurt you, but it isn't recommended either.

2. Saccharin
Something has to combat that terrible detergent taste! Saccharin is sweet, but not too sweet - just the way that most people like their toothpaste! Saccharin has been a hot topic of debate every since Theodore Roosevelt was in the White House. The USDA tried to ban the substance in 1972, though it is considered "safe" to ingest today.

1. Menthol
One last ingredient to add a minty note to your breath. Without menthol, toothpaste might taste like, well, chalk, glycerin, paraffin, detergent, titanium dioxide, and seaweed! Go ahead and ingest menthol if you like, but sipping some tea containing menthol is a far better idea than chewing on your tube of toothpaste.

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Hello Everybody,

I was just looking over the calendar in this 2011 new year and recognized below very important figures in dates. I thought to share this awesome figures with you all guys.

Today is : 1.1.11
Ten days from now will be : 11.1.11
Ten months from now will be : 1.11.11
& Ten days from then will be : 11.11.11

This is s phenomenon that will recur only after another Hundred Years, and none of us will be there to witness that. So let us get wise and work at the # 1 in this year of ONES.

This is to wish you all a very VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS TWENTY ELEVEN (2011).

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