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Tihar Prisons, also called Tihar Jail and Tihar Ashram, is the largest complex of prisons in South Asia. It is located at Tihar village, approximately 7 km from Chanakya Puri, to the west of New Delhi, India. The surrounding area is called Hari Nagar.

The prison is maintained as a Correctional Institution. Its main objective is to convert its inmates into normal members of the society by providing them with useful skills, education and rules. It is meant to improve the inmates' self-esteem and strengthen their desire to improve. Items manufactured by the inmates bear the brand Tihar.

Asia's largest prison, Delhis Tihar Jail, has taken its first step into online retailing, offering goods over the Internet made by inmates including murderers and kidnappers. The Tihar Jail factory comprises units in baking, carpentry, weaving, tailoring, oil extraction, paper-making and shoe-making.

Inmates work in the furniture section of Tihar Jail in New Delhi.

Inmates work in the paper-making section.

An inmate stacks clothing at an outlet of Tihar Jail.

Inmates working in the bakery section.

An inmate stacks up some baked product on a shelf.

An inmate works at a metal-working section.

Inmates work in the tailoring section.

Inmates work in the furniture section of Tihar Jail in New Delhi.

Prisoners make branded food and art. Proceeds go to their victims. The Tihar Factory, which trains and employs convicts, raked in Rs 11 crore from sales of its TJ brand of products last year.

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