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Largest TV sculpture in the world

Posted by Rahul Doshi | 7/06/2008 06:50:00 PM | 1 comments »

"LNK Infotree" (LNK Infomedis) is currently the largest TV sculpture in the world (Guinness World Record). It's using 2,903 individual television sets, spanning 3,135 sq metres (33,744.85 sq ft) at the Open Air Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. I've been there a couple of years ago and it looked really amazing. It's currently closed for reconstruction but we can look at some older images.

A statue of Lenin lies in the middle of the labyrinth. The sculpture symbolizes the absurdity of Soviet propaganda that for over half a century had been implanted in people¢s minds with the help of senseless TV.

All Lithuania has taken part in the creation of a labyrinth of television sets. People from various Lithuanian towns donated old TV sets after an appeal from Europos Parkas was broadcast on LNK television.

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