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Shoes, only worn out of a necessity until recently, have in recent decades become a major fashion sector. Footwear that appeals to different tastes and suits different occasions is part of every major fashion show.

Whether heeled or flat, sporty or classic, shoes are important for the care of your feet and are a key factor in posture and image.

Undoubtedly, it is shoes that influence the way a person looks and walks. Until a decade ago people in Turkey had on average just two pairs of shoes. Now this figure has reached a half-dozen. Shoes underwent transformation not only in terms of the numbers owned but also in terms of color and style, just as has been the case with clothes. The choices of people who for years used to wear only black and brown shoes underwent radical change with fashion's touch. Shoes designed in different ways are available in various colors every season.

When one is talking about fashion, Camel Active, Dr. Martens, Fly London, Softinos, Land Rover, ModoNovo and Ed Hardy's 2008-2009 summer collections come to mind immediately. In addition, the Dema Group, which unites Turkish consumers with shoe brands known worldwide, has accompanied its excellence in manufacturing durable and quality shoes with designs of an equally high quality. Leather accessories and coordinating bags also dazzle.

Every shoe brand has its own style. When we select our shoes, some of us want to look sporty, some of us want a classic style and some of us pay more heed to comfort. When products of a certain brand are united with individual choices, the result can be a serious addiction! Camel Active is among the brands most popular with those seeking a sporty look. With great new designs the brand's 2008 collection is categorized into three sections. In its urbanity collection the shoes own the elegance required by city life as well as the durability required by nature. Light but hard-wearing soles make up a different style with the use of leather. In female collections, there are sandals, slippers and wedge-heeled shoes. In addition to this, there is also the loafer group which will continue to be used next winter. In the outback theme, it is easy to see the dominance of beige, olive and light gray tones. In the beach group, pastel tones predominate.

What would you say if I told you that Land Rover also makes shoes? New for 2008, the Land Rover brand offers shoes, bags and leather accessories. The brand thrills one with the quality of leather used in its products as well as with their comfort and elegance. Extra-light soles were used in its shoe collections, which merge classical handwork with modern manufacturing techniques.

Those for whom the masculinity of Land Rover doesn't hit the spot may be fascinated by Fly London. With brave styling and innovative accessories, including buckles, flowers and buttons, these come in a rainbow of colors. In the female collection on can see lively colors such as red, green and yellow that make one feel the arrival of spring.

The era-defining Dr. Martens has been revised with the use of lively colors. The shoes are reminiscent of an art gallery with the use of flowers, illustrations and even skull motifs. Some of this teen-essential brand's products are still manufactured using traditional methods. Ed Hardy breathes new life into the world of the eternal classic, the sneaker. The tattoo artist's collection, a favorite with celebrities including Madonna, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Eddie Murphy and Shakira, includes his own designs.

If you want to be serious in the office, comfortable on the street and fun in between, you absolutely must check out ModoNovo, which merges chic with reasonable prices. Sore feet are a problem for many business people, but the high-quality materials used, supported by Italian design, mean this brand can offer you pain-free chic. In this season's collection, ModoNovo presents classic business-style shoes and chic models. In addition to the timeless brown, black and beige, the new season's collection offers vivid colors, just as is appropriate for spring, that most lively of seasons.

Shoes speak volumes about one's personal style, and there is always a brand available that fits your style. However, if by chance you still fail to find the exact model that you just can't live without, be sure to read my future article on custom and haute couture shoe design.

Source: Todayszaman

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