World's 10 LARGEST SHOPPING MALLS ~ World Amazing Information, Facts & News

1. South China Mall
Location: Dongguan, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 7.1 million square feet

In the Chinese mall arms race, this facility opened a year after the Golden Resources Mall to displace it as the country's and the world's largest. The space includes wind mills and theme parks, plus a replica of the Arc de Triomphe.
2. Golden Resources Shopping Mall
Location: Beijing, China
Year Opened: 2004
Gross Leasable Area: 6 million square feet

Not sprawling, this is a stacked-up five-story mall. Approximately 1,000 stores, selling plenty of familiar global brands like Nike and DKNY. A truly ambitious real estate project, with new apartments and offices, surround the mall. A tough location outside the heart of the city has resulted in disappointing traffic from foreign tourists.
3. SM Mall of Asia
Location: Pasay City, Philippines
Year Opened: 2006
Gross Leasable Area: 4.2 million square feet

Includes the first Olympic-sized swimming pool and first IMAX theater in the Philippines.
Spread over four buildings, customers can get around on a 20-seat tram.
4. West Edmonton Mall
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Year Opened: 1981
Gross Leasable Area: 3.8 million square feet
The biggest in North America, the West Edmonton Mall has over 800 stores, along with attractions like a water park, skating rink, casino and rides.
5. SM Megamall
Location: Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Year Opened: 1991
Gross Leasable Area: 3.6 million square feet

Fun stuff includes bowling, ice skating and a 12-cinema movie theater, along with traditional mall fare like arcade games. Customers can also get a haircut or see a doctor at the Manila clinic.
6. Berjaya Times Square
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3.4 million square feet

Built with an adjacent hotel and convention center. In addition to over 1,000 retail shops, the mall includes a 12-story-high roller coaster, plus a pool, skating rink and "Cosmo's World," a children's theme park.
7. Beijing Mall
Location: Beijing, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3.4 million square feet

The first real suburban mall in China, located about an hour from downtown Beijing, this center has four levels with parking for 8,000 cars, plus a man-made beach. Bootlegged DVDs of American movies are a top seller.
8. Zhengjia Plaza
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year Opened: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 3 million square feet

Has been known to attract over half a million shoppers on a good day. Another mixed-use space, the mall has a hotel and office tower in addition to retail stores.
9. SM City North Edsa
Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Year Opened: 1985
Gross Leasable Area: 3 million square feet

The first major "mega mall" built by SM Prime Holdings, which now claims three of the largest 10 in the world. It's a five-story complex that boasts over 100 retail outlets and restaurants, along with 12 cinemas, a bowling alley and skating rink. An IMAX theater could be added soon.
10. King of Prussia Mall
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Year Opened: 1962
Gross Leasable Area: 2.8 million square feet

It's just unbelievable!!
A third world country such as the Philippines has 3 large malls.

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  1. Jeffrey // August 20, 2010 3:28 AM  

    Why? Is it possible for us in Philippines to have 3 huge malls? Isn't it? Just wait and we'll add more.

  2. Guillermo // January 07, 2011 10:09 AM  

    yeah!!! there's a rumor that there'll be SM Mall of Asia Cebu. i wonder how big that will be? if it will surpass the SM MoA in Manila, then we'll have 4 malls that will take the spot...

  3. Jhigz // January 11, 2011 12:17 AM  

    Correction Please! The Philippines is not a third world country, they are part of the Newly Industrialized Countries or NIC, including Malaysia and Thailand.

  4. Samuel // March 14, 2011 12:13 PM  

    True. Phillipines is not third world. although there is poverty that does not mean it is third world. America also has povertyt but it is not a third world country..

  5. doug // March 23, 2011 2:59 AM  

    Forgive the third world reference, was probably made by a N. American who still thinks the world revolves around the US, these people need to travel a bit more and see that the world has long time ago surpassed the biggest and best the US has to offer.

  6. -c-h-i-e // April 01, 2011 10:07 AM  

    The person who made this post doesn't even know which caption goes with correct photo. :P