New sQuba Car Can Drive on Water, Underwater ~ World Amazing Information, Facts & News

This has got to be one of the craziest cars that Rinspeed has ever created, because not only can the sQuba concept car compete on dry land, it can actually drive on water, as well as underwater. Yes, you read that correctly and this apparently is no joke.

The drop-top roadster is made of lightweight materials and can effectively use its wheels as some sort of rudder system, propelling itself across the surface of the water not unlike, well, a boat. To take things even further, the car can dive up to 10 meters underwater for a true scuba experience. Naturally, the driver and passenger will need their own air supply devices.

Better still, the Rinspeed sQuba concept is a zero-emissions vehicle thanks to its full dependence on electric motors. This also eliminates the petrol motor's reliance on air. Crazy.

Source: Mobile Mag

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