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Amazing Clever Ads

Posted by Rahul Doshi | 12/01/2007 11:06:00 PM | , , | 2 comments »

1. A print of a cup of Folgers coffee was placed on top of manhole covers in New York City, USA. Holes on the print allow the steam to come out. Wording around the cup reads, "Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers."

2. An innovative idea on a large billboard in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It really makes people want to grab that "Heineken".

3. Life-size stickers of people were stuck on automatic sliding doors at a mall in Mumbai, India. When someone approaches, the doors move apart and it feels like the people on the door are moving away. The person entering finds the message , "People move away when you have body odor".

4. An advertisement found in Malaysia. A sticker was placed on the high voltage box depicting that powerful Duracell batteries were used.

5. A giant mirror was built that allowed passers-by to stop and look at themselves wearing Individual clothes at a shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan.

6. Stickers were placed in selected car park locations and car workshops where M-Tech Plasma HID lights are sold in Malaysia. It delivers the message that these headlights are 300% brighter than regular headlights. The burn-effect sticker from the headlights really leaves an impression.

7. This is an advertisement found in Vancouver during their National Non-Smoking Week. The car was placed at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the message. It reads, "Death from car accidents: 370. Death from smoking-related causes: 6,027. Quit now before it kills you."

8. A very cost-effective advertisement in Hong Kong for a yoga school showcases the prowess of a yoga practitioner on the flexible stems of drinking straws. Enquiries and enrolment went after up this promotional stunt.

9. A creative ad by Mini Cooper placed at the Zurich, Switzerland train station, shows people climbing into or out of the car, when they are actually entering or exiting stairs.

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  1. swag // December 02, 2007 1:54 AM  

    I really hope innovation means everything in advertising. Because associating the steam from a cup of Folgers with the steam rising from a sewer isn't exactly the greatest product placement.

  2. frisma's BLOG // December 27, 2007 12:52 PM  

    wow that is a wonderfull advertistment. I like it. I am thigking how much the bugdet of that advertisement. and I like the giant mirror, thats so make us don't need fitting room in the clothes store. just try it in front of the mirror. ha ha ha :)