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Now, click before you say 'I do'

Posted by Rahul Doshi | 11/07/2007 09:46:00 PM | 0 comments »

Worried that post marriage you might have problems especially if your's is an international or intercultural marriage or want to be sure that the person you are marrying is not after your money?

A new online prenup and relationship consultation service for couples has been launched.

On, couples will answer questions and a diagnosis will be provided. A score indicates whether the couple should sign a prenup and/or seek a professional consultation and what relationship issues the couple is likely to face.

"This is not just to tell you if you need a legal agreement before you get married," says Katsuyuki Tanaka, the founder and president of Gaisen Inc, which developed Agreeship. "This will illustrate what differences the couple has and in what area they may have issues, while suggesting how they can improve the relationship based on the identified differences," he adds in a press release issued through AsiaNet.

While the service is yet to be tailored for country specific laws, Tanaka adds that by early 2008 Agreeship will be tailored based on nationality or the country in which the couples reside and it will pinpoint what issues might arise legally and culturally for those couples.

The service is useful for international or intercultural couples in particular," he says. The fee for the online consultation is about US $15, which will be paid via PayPal.

Personalised online consultation with lawyers, financial planners and counselors will be available for additional fees in 2008. The firm claims that it takes only 3 minutes to answer the yes/no questions and no personal information is required. The 20 questions cover finances, values and communication styles.

While legal help for preparing a prenup is widely available online, "an online service that helps increase awareness or improve communication among couples is rare," says Tanaka. His main target is couples, married or unmarried, in their 20s to 40s, who are Internet savvy.

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