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New Guinness World Record for Most People Swimming one length in a 24 hour Relay is set in Mallorca!

Previous Portuguese record of 2,889 is beaten in Palma.

Most People Swimming one length in a 24 hour Relay.

Glamorous Palma de Mallorca was the location for a 24 hour attempt at breaking the record for most people swimming lengths in a relay. It was organised by the charity ‘Projecte Home Balears’ which is a large and successful organisation that helps people with drug-related problems rehabilitate their lives.

The charity chose this record as it would involve a huge range of people of all ages and backgrounds reflecting the variety of people that their charity helps. The attempt was at the large pool next to the Real Mallorca football stadium. The guidelines stated that the attempt must be in strict relay form, only one length at a time from each participant, this of course makes it a lot harder to get a huge total and meant that the event had to truly be over 24 hours. A strong total of 2,889 had already been set in Portugal in 2005.

The event was from 7pm to 7pm and by the time I arrived in Mallorca at Midnight they were easily over 1,500. They had already had a 4 year old and an 82 year old swim as well as several disabled people. At 5am there were to be fifty soldiers from the local army base swimming – this appeared to interest a lot of female attention at this ridiculous time in the morning ! As I arrived at the pool at 10.30am the total had got over 2,000 and it was clear by the crowds patiently queuing that the record should be broken well before 7pm. The monitoring and counting of each length was very strictly organised by the Mallorcan Swimming federation which helped enormously.

The exciting moment came at 4.07pm when a small boy jumped in to go for the 2,890th record breaking length. The crowd cheered him all the way and he was a superstar for the day as TV crews and photographers went to photograph him. I managed to get the certificate into his soggy hands before the cameras started rolling! The attempt continued right up until 7pm with a tiny little boy running down to the start at 6.56pm to get the very last length in which was great fun for the crowd (although he shouldn’t have been running by the pool of course!). He finished and we posed for lots of pictures and TV interviews and the world record belonged to Palma.

The event was tremendously well organised by the fantastic people at Projecte Home Balears. Bartholomew, Ulla, Paco and Mercedes all looked after me fantastically well and the swimming federation judged the event superbly. It was a great event that was full of genuine enthusiasm from all sorts of people that showed again that the publicity that Guinness World Records brings can make a very positive contribution to a very good cause.

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