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One of the most influential and enduring assets a child can have is a father who takes his paternal role seriously - and with delight. He lives the kind of life his kids are proud of - the way he hopes they will grow up and live as adults.

Whether a doctor, letter carrier or insurance man, this father regards the title "dad" as his most important and inspiring position in life. He gives his children his unconditional love and support, and a green light to them embracing their individuality. He infuses in them deep passion for hard work, laughter and knowledge. He helps them know right from wrong, and then the strength to make wise choices based on that fundamental barometer. He also guides them toward being solid, altruistic stewards of the Earth and actively involved in helping mankind.

In life's family fabric, these "grand" dads help create tapestries of fulfillment for their offspring - and generations beyond.

I was fortunate to have had a dad like this, and to have borne my children by a man who also exemplified those qualities.

So please have respect for your loving DAD and ENJOY this year's Father's Day with your Dad and Send gifts to your Dad with http://www.giftsallindia.com

Happy Father's Day to all you out there from ME.

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