Amazing Made in India PC for just about $100 ~ World Amazing Information, Facts & News

While global computing giants like IBM and AMD are yet to give shape to their ambitious plans for a computer that costs 100 dollars or less, an Indian company has already set its eyes on 10 million potential customers with its up-and-running PC priced at Rs 4,500 only.

The machine, launched by Chennai-based Novatium Solutions in 2004, costs a little over 100 dollars as of today in the US currency, thanks to the depreciation in the greenback, but it was priced at less than 100 dollars till a few months back.

Novatium is targeting 10 million users in the next five years for this innovative product, company CEO Alok Singh said from Chennai. The company has already started a successful commercial pilot for its NetPC computer in Chennai, he said.


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