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Monitor what your child is browsing on the Net!!

Posted by Rahul Doshi | 9/05/2006 10:45:00 AM | 0 comments »

Monitor what your child is browsing on the Net!!
Many parents are understandably worried about their wards’ Internet habits, fearful that websites with inappropriate content would play havoc with their children’s view of the world. Apparently, to address these concerns, Microsoft has released in Beta a Windows Live service, which aims to give parents control over their children’s web surfing. The new service has been launched in the US and expected to be eventually launched in India sometime soon, given the importance of the Indian market for the software giant.

It’s called OneCare Family Safety, and aims to provide web filtering and activity reports. The service was formerly called Family Safety Settings. According to TechWeb, the filtering feature lets parents chose "allow, block or warn" settings for a range of content categories. Unique settings can be applied to each member of the household. Parents can adjust settings anytime from any Internet-connected PC. Parents can also access activity reports for each family member, to stay on top of their children’s web browsing.

Renewed Attack
While on Microsoft, according to two network security companies, an upswing in activity related to a potential Windows Server vulnerability dubbed with a most-dangerous label in early August has been detected.

"That earlier vulnerability came to light August 8, amid Microsoft’s release of a dozen security bulletins. These included MS06-040, which patched a critical vulnerability in Windows’ Server service. At the time, security analysts warned that the bug might be exploited by a network-attacking worm, ala MSBlast. Although several exploits appeared, their impact was minor," says TechWeb.

Now, both Symantec and the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Centre alerted users that they had detected a significant increase worldwide in activity on port 139, one of the two ports which an exploit against the MS06-040 vulnerability would use to attack systems.

Helmet Headset
This one, I guess, is something you can ask that long-forgotten cousin in Rochester to send you. The item is a Bluetooth SCALA-Rider FM wireless communications hands-free headset, developed by Cardo Systems, Inc.

The Bluetooth headset, according to the company, allows motorcyclists and other helmet wearers to use their cellphones and enjoy their favourite FM radio stations. The device fits virtually any motorcycle helmet and is fully weather protected.

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