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Know this Amazing Facts!!

Posted by Rahul Doshi | 9/11/2006 05:24:00 PM | 2 comments »

Did you know this Amazing Facts ?

  • Nobel Prize resulted from a late change in the will of Alfred Nobel, who did not want to be remembered as a propagator of violence-he invented dynamite.
  • Whoopi Goldberg was a mortuary cosmetologist and a bricklayer before becoming an actress..
  • Guinness Book Of Records holds the record for being the book most stolen from Public Libraries.
  • Charlie Chaplin won third place in a Charlie Chaplin look alikecontest.
  • Walt Disney named Mickey Mouse after Mickey Rooney, whose mother he dated for some time. Another story states that: Mickey mouse was not named after Mickey Rooney he was made on a train ride from New York after Walt found out he didn't actually own Oswald the lucky rabbit. The mouse Walt drew was originally named Mortimor But his wife Lilly didn't like that name so she suggested Mickey and the name stuck.
  • Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he didn't wear pants.
  • Because metal was scarce, the Oscars given out during World War II were made out of wood.
  • A person afflicted with hexadectylism has six fingers or six toes on one or both hands and feet.
  • Pamela Lee-Anderson is Canada's Centennial Baby, being the first baby born on the centennial anniversary of Canada's independence.
  • Tokyo has had 24 recorded instances of people either killed or
    receiving serious skull fractures while bowing to each other with the traditional Japanese greeting.
  • Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.
  • The cockroach has a high resistance to radiation and is the creature most likely to survive a nuclear war.
  • In the southern hemisphere, water always swirl anti-clockwise down into a pipe.
  • About 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second.
  • Eighteen per cent of all global carbon dioxide emissions are from cars.
  • Every year, the Moon moves a further 3.82cm from the Earth.
  • It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.
  • 35 meters of hair fiber is produced every day on the average adult scalp.

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